Live Images focus on the photographic coverage and documentation of exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, product launches, awards ceremonies and large events.

The award-winning team specialises in the art of real-time image creation so people can see your event as its happening. Think of the speed with which people share images using their phones combined with the quality and creativity you expect from a professional photographer.

 Shooting more than 100 events a year, the Live Images team deliver high quality images for print and online media, faster than you thought possible. 

Exhibitions and trade shows

Exhibitions and trade shows are an important part of our business and we thrive on the challenges they bring. We can provide you with professional imagery of every stall and stand, as well as capturing the buzz and excitement your exhibition generates in the crowd. Having photographed exhibitions across the UK we also understand how difficult they can be to organise, so we’re happy to provide your stall holder photos with stand numbers or names in the file data so you can easily keep track. Our standard delivery by password protected online gallery also means that with one simple click you can share the gallery with all of your exhibitors or staff. Whatever your requirements for trade show photography - or exhibition photography - our experienced team is happy to liaise with you to provide the images you need, when you need them.



Live Images can document your conference from arrivals and breakfast meetings through to keynote speeches, breakout sessions and evening events, as well as providing press shots and portraits of speakers throughout the day. The latest digital capture and editing technology allows us to turn around your photos almost instantly and we are used to working closely with event management companies to provide near real time slideshows of images for your delegates. We have experience photographing in some of the UK’s main conference centres, as well as hotels and stately homes, and thrive on the long hours that sometimes need to be put in to provide full photographic conference coverage.

Commercial Photography Definition From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia - " Commercial photography is probably best definedas any photography for which the photographer is paid for images rather than works of art. In this light, money could be paid for the subject of the photograph or the photograph itself."

Public Relations and news

It is true that a picture tells a thousand words and professional photography can often be the difference between a story being used by the media, or spiked. At Live Images our media backgrounds mean we know how to create images which can hold the front page, within a very tight deadline. From breaking news, to executive portraits and corporate events, we offer a professional PR and marketing photography service that will bring impact to any campaign. We also understand the importance of your brand’s image and reputation and will strive to create striking photographs that maximise your brand’s exposure.  Using our well-established contacts in local and national media, we can help to ensure that you get the coverage you want by supplying directly to the picture desks. And we have evolved our corporate, commercial and editorial photography offer, with video production, a pop-up studio based service and enhanced online delivery.

We aim distribute the images captured ar your events and exhibitions as soon as possible.  This illustration shows how we serve our clients with in minutes of the end of the event or photocall.