Commercial Video and Film Making

Keeping your business or organization ahead of the game requires keeping up with social media trends and using the latest technology. Moving images for your commercial film or video can help to not only give your website a good presence but allows your clients to really what you do and who your are.


Commercial film - talking head

The interview to camera and a carefully worded and rehearsed script is a good way to show and tell your clients and comrades what your organization is all about or the future direction.

Our links with Penguin PR Ltd can ensure the script is precise, gores straight to the point and is dynamic to hold attention.

Commercial film - business and organization overview

Planning the commercial film shoot before the shooting day is vital way to ensuring all the important points are covered and captured. Our experience in the media industry and story telling through imagery will ensure the final cut is what your business deserves.

Commercial film - Ted Talks productions

Short, sharp and educational, this free to view and to submit to, Ted Talks are the latest platform to market your business and educate at the same time. Making your film interesting, dynamic and inspiring is the key to get a good number of views and then keeping up the content great followers, which in turn to excellence in business.

Commercial film - Explaining a process or

The old saying, a picture tells a thousand words have never been more apparent. A commercial film to explain how, what, where, when or why can very easily show what words alone can not do or quicker and keeps the viewers engaged.